Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boudoir Photography in St. Louis

Welcome to the St. Louis Boudoir Photography Blog!

St. Louis Boudoir is the home of the Ultimate Boudoir Photography Experience in the St. Louis, MO and surrounding area. St. Louis Boudoir is brought to you by the creative team at The Studio.

At St. Louis Boudoir, we are dedicated to the art of Boudoir Photography. Although Boudoir Portraits make the ideal wedding gift from a bride to her groom...we at St. Louis Boudoir believe that every woman deserves to experience a Boudoir Photography session at least once in her life. Every woman wants to feel and look beautiful, and at St. Louis Boudoir, we know exactly how to make that happen.

Let's assume that you have a wedding, anniversary or other special occassion coming up. And let's assume that you are considering giving Boudoir Pictures of yourself to someone very special. You are probably searching the web for possible Boudoir Photographers in your area. Finding the right Boudoir Photography studio is very important. Boudoir Photography is a unique and specialized photography niche. A photographer who may excell in other types of photography is not necessarily a good Boudoir Photographer.

In your search for a qualified Boudoir Photographer, we advise that you visit as many Boudoir Photography websites as you can find. (We feel confidant that once your search is complete, you will return to St. Louis Boudoir...but we want you to find that out for yourself.) One thing is very important: before you commit to a Boudoir Session with a photographer, it is an absolute MUST to be able to view plenty of his or her Boudoir work.

If a photographer cannot or will not provide you with good, varied examples of his or her work...there is a problem. Although Boudoir Photography is very personal and private, we have many previous Boudoir clients who were proud and flattered to be included in our online Boudoir Galleries, and who gladly gave us their permission to use their images. How can you judge if a photographer's style matches your style, if you can't see any sample images?

So, before you leave on your Boudoir Photography web search, let me tell you what I believe makes St. Louis Boudoir by The Studio the perfect Boudoir Photographer for you:

1. We have a comfortable studio, so you don't have to worry about setting up an outside location for your session...or meeting a photographer at his or her home. (Remember...having to use a remote location, i.e. a hotel room or bed & breakfast suite, means an additional expense...which may or may not be covered in your session fee.) Our studio offers an area for hair and makeup, a private dressing room and separate restroom, a private photo studio and a separate area to view your finished images.

2. Our studio is centrally located. The Studio's address is 1900 McCausland Avenue, St. Louis, MO, 63117. We are located between Highway 40 and Highway 44, near the Maplewood/Richmond Heights area. We are about 20-30 minutes (or less) from about anywhere in the St. Louis, MO area.

3. We provide professional hairstyling and makeup services. While you can choose to do your own hair and makeup, we highly recommend you allow our hairstylist/makeup artist to do this for you. We are certain that you will be pleased with the results. And this service is included in the price of our Boudoir Sessions.

4. Our staff is all female. This is something that all of our clients tell us they really like.While we certainly aren't suggesting that a male photographer would be anything less than professional, we have found that the gender of your Boudoir photographer can be a source of concern...both for our clients and for their significant others. Since we are women, we understand how other women want to look in their Boudoir Portraits. And we understand the things that might concern our clients...and what needs to happen to make our clients feel confident and secure.

5. We are experienced. Our staff has been together, doing great Boudoir Photography for over 13 years. We have photographed all sizes, shapes, ages and ethnicities. We know how to make you look beautiful and sexy, while keeping everything classy.

6. You get to see your images immediately after your session. We use specialized studio software that allows you to view your images right away, pick out your favorites and place your portrait order the same day as your session. Our clients don't have to wait and wonder for weeks how the images turned out.

7. We offer expert digital retouching. Even the youngest, thinest, prettiest woman seems to have"something" she wishes were a little different about her body. We understand that. We do all of our own digital retouching, so that the end result looks like an image in a magazine.(You didn't think all those models in magazines really look that perfect without help, did you?)You can add digital retouching to any ala carte portrait purchase....but that service is included in all of our Boudoir Collection purchases.

8. Our fees are affordable. We charge only $75 for a standard Boudoir Session...and that includes professional hair and makeup services. Our Boudoir Collections begin at $395...and include full-body digital retouching.

9. We photograph all sizes, shapes, and ages of women. We believe that when a photographer tells you they don't typically photograph "plus-size" women (or any type of woman, other than a "model type")...that makes a not-so-good statement about their photography skills.

10. We guarantee our work. If you are not happy with the results of your Boudoir Session with us, we will gladly schedule a reshoot of your session. At no additional charge to you.

Even with all of these advantages, one of the most important things to consider is how comfortable you are with your choice of Boudoir Photographers. We invite you to visit our website, where you can read about our staff and our experience. You can also see plenty of examples of our Boudoir Photography work there.

St. Louis Boudoir
by The Studio
1900 McCausland Ave
St. Louis, MO 63117

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